Meet Tanya M. Sood 

Articulate, intelligent and self- motivated, Tanya M. Sood is a jewellery designer & the founder of ‘House of Aynat’. With an impressive career spanning over a decade now, she has been associated with PR & Fashion Industry. Her foray into the corporate world began at an early age, where she ventured into the operations side of the fashion industry.

Tanya, who calls herself fabulously flawed, has been juggling responsibilities of family and business. She strongly feels that a woman is an epitome of wisdom, power, grace and confidence and that's where she draws her design inspiration from. She also believes that one must turn around challenges and come back stronger.

Today she is following her passion through her own brand, ‘House of Aynat’. Jewellery for Tanya is the reflection of her inner self. It is a symbol of strength and a mark of confidence. With her art, she wants to break the stereotypical thought of matching and pairing and move away from the rigid rules of fashion.

Always on the lookout for meaningful experiences, Tanya loves to travel and explore new destinations. She is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys swimming, singing and deep sea diving. She is also an avid reader and a gourmand. When possible, takes time out to cook up a gourmet meal, which she finds both relaxing and therapeutic.